Below is a list of Identity Federations that uses and officially supports the Interoperable SAML 2.0 Profile.

If your federation officially supports the Interoperable SAML 2.0 Profile, contact us to be added to this page.



Feide is a identity management system on a national level for the educational sector in Norway.



The Finish federation is called Haka Federation, and is a federation between Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutions. The Haka Federation is operated by CSC.

WAYF - The Danish e-identity federation


WAYF - Where Are You From currently connects some 3,500,000 e-identities at around 150 institutions, hospitals, high schools, universities, museums, libraries and public authorities and the numbers are still growing. The number of services connected to WAYF is around 80 in production and 30 new services in the proces of being connected.



eduGAIN is a European identity cross-federation within educational institusions. The project enables institusions across national borders to interoperate using SAML 2.0.

HEAnet Edugate


HEAnet has launched the Edugate federation to serve the Irish education and research community. An Irish federation will offer future potential to establish peerings with other federations across Europe and worldwide, permitting cross-federation sharing of resources supporting international collaboration.

The RedIRIS Identity Service


SIR (Servidor de Identidad de RedIRIS) offers a hub that forwards identity data managed by the RedIRIS affiliated institutions to sites where these data can be applied for improving access control, enriching user experience, strengthening the security, and many other service enhancements. SIR uses the Interoperable SAML 2.0 WebSSO Deployment Profile between SAML 2.0 entities.

ACOnet Identity Federation



SWAMID is the national educational Identity Federation in Sweden.



SURF is the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch education and research. SURF offers students, lecturers and scientists in the Netherlands access to the best possible internet and ICT facilities.